Print and Electronic Media in Pakistan

“NO one should take journalists too seriously, especially journalists themselves because what they write in the morning is used to wrap fish in the same evening. Maulana Chiragh Hasan Hasrat .”

But you should take bloggers seriously, because after all what they blog remains there online all the way through and cannot be used by the people to wrap fish or potatoes or sundries.

In Pakistan, journalism stands even at the same place even after the introduction of electronic media. A storm of T.V channels is passing through Pakistan. From GEO to ARYONEWORLD TO AAJ, everyone is beating and up-beating about same stories and news with almost similar angles.

What we are learning from these channels? Are they the true journalist face of the Pakistan?

The question is whether the maturity of print media has translated into the electronic media?

6 thoughts on “Print and Electronic Media in Pakistan”

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