Price Lowering a Dream

With the start of the Ramadan, the prices of everything have gone through the roof and now there is no respite and relief for the common man, who is unable to open the fast even at the dusk. The salaried class and daily wage earners groaning under spiraling inflation are the worst hit.

Previously the hundred days program by the puppet Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has proved a farce, and now the real president has come with all the powers, people are pinning their hopes with him. The government must focus on controlling rising prices of essential household commodities that has made the life of common people miserable and led them to a state of an utter disappointment.

Instead of starting some new drama, the new president should improve the existing system of utility stores. Utility stores are selling products at subsidized rates, the number of such outlets is too small to cope with demand of millions of people living across the country and in the open market the half-hearted measures at the official level to keep prices under check have shown little result.

Here are the clear and vivid demands by the nation, if the government has any qualms. They want their rulers to provide them a relief through short-term measures by controlling price hike, maintaining law and order situation, promoting economic and commercial activities and generating jobs opportunities in all spheres of life.

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