Price Hike and Eid Shopping

We are a strange bunch of nation. Newspapers and T.V channels are littered with the columns and complain regarding price hike and hoarding the the expensive daily use items. They are also filled with the lamentations of absence of any sort of effective consumer complaint bodies in the country, but if you go out in to the market during this rush days of Eid, you will be shocked to see the hoards and hoards of people thronging the over-crowded markets across the country.

People are crying over the prices with each other, but they are buying like hell. Nobody is holding back. Everybody is hell bent on buying for Eid despite of sky-rocketing prices. We don’t even show the courage of asking the shop-keeper as why he has raised the price of a specific item like clothes, shoes, artificial jewelry or other items, and why his price of the same item is so different from the next door stall.

Lights in and outside the shopping centres, jam-packed roads and lanes and heavy rush in cloth, garments, shoes and cosmetics shops is now a common scene in the all the cities after 9pm, as Eid shopping is picking up momentum. We as a nation are very much pathetic, sorry to say. It’s a truth and we have got to face it. We complain for everything, but we don’t sacrifice. It’s a bull shit that we care. We don’t even give a damn.

We are licking this sea of honey from dawn to dusk, and then fell asleep when its get empty at night. Through night, it gets filled again somehow, and then in the morning we repeat the same routine. We are hypocrites basically. We criticize rulers and so-called leaders of becoming the stooge and poodle of America and West, but we don’t stop relishing the aid from them. I have never seen a demonstration, or strike or stone pelting by the masses just to protest against the aid and loans we take from other nations shamelessly.

How could you eat up the aid like weasels from other nations and then demand that they don’t interfere in your affairs? How could you enjoy thousands of fancy lights in the shopping malls and stalls during Ramadan, and then complain about the load-shedding? How could you spend thousands and thousands on the garish Eid elements, just to show off and then complain about price hike? How could you blame government for the lack of power, when you haven’t yourself struggled for the construction of big dams?

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