President’s Turning Back

If the people of Pakistan, who are dead and ill at ease about the bleak future prospects of the country, look carefully, they may reach to the result that these troubled times have really been made more severe by the refusal of the ruling party, the Pakistan People’s Party to abide by the promises it had made.

The mantra of the leaders of the PPP, that it’s not really a Quraan or Hadith to fulfill the promises and agreements and their prevarication and frequent public turning back from the return agreements have left very tiny confidence from the minds of people, and now people are looking forward towards the future with much apprehension and gloom.

From Bhurban declaration to the Lahore and Dubai declarations, the PPP have always shown the back to the PML-N and to the nation and they never wanted to undo the illegal acts of Pervez Musharraf. The irony of all this is that the PPP leaders have been very right in insisting that they had valiantly campaigned for the cause of the deposed judiciary.

Even Benazir Bhutto said that Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary was her Chief Justice, and now one has to see that whether Zardari would restore the chief justice or not?

We have the footage to show that they were in the forefront of the lawyers’ movement. There is also that statement made by Benazir Bhutto. And at the same time that they highlight the party’s role in the popular movement, they keep on insisting that the judges would, after all, be restored. Ah, with Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar as their chief justice?

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  1. I think this will come to pass as well. There is not a single movement going on in the country that truely reflects the people’s aspirations. All the oldies have satiated their (own)generations and this country is a perpetual host to “haves” ONLY. There is NO democracy within any party and all emotional / nepotism is practised with audacity..

    I honestly wish had Imran Khan had more brains than muscles we would have landed somewhere under his flag of tehreek….

    I seriously doubt the seriousness and mental health of those people who are so optimistic that they are willing to live in some dellusion that everything shall be fixed by zaradari(what!!) in a couple of months…. my only reply to this is WOW! had the things ben so simple and Zardari sb tranformed into fully concious political personality he would have restored judicary “at all costs” not the other way around. Who gives these people political advises…… they go against the peoples wishes and are satisfied by a bunch of sloganeering cronies who just fade away when the hour arrives!!

    I sincerely hope for only SENSE to prevail in Pakistan. In my entire life (in this country) I have never seen everyone
    9 not a couple of elements in cosiety like previous dark times) so disturbed about not only their livelihood but PAKISTAN!


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