President Zardari Reveal The Final Deal

Zardari and Musharraf.gifWhether you term it as a slip of tongue or simply unintentional, it seems that President Zardari has revealed the cards which until now he has kept quite close to himself. During an informal chat with journalist and in an informal way, he has quite clearly admitted that Musharraf case cannot be tried under article 6 as he was given assurances before his departure from the top office.

This was a million dollar question for all the stake holders of Pakistan’s politics, as they were unable to figure out why the government was reluctant to take a legitimate step like this. But this revelation will not stop short here, and as one can see the opposition has straight away pointed its guns toward the presidency, and to much extent it is right too. We are talking about the time where Mr. Zardari had not assumed the top office, and he was acting only as the chairperson of PPP. His current office does allow him to pardon (even then it should be worth that) but not during that time. Secondly, he cannot be the guarantor as he or his party was not the victims. It was the 180million people of Pakistan to whom General Musharraf was and is an accused, and only they can decide his fate either through a referendum or a popular will.

So in this case one is left guessing where the power of our leadership lies, is it the masses or the foreign guarantors whom we see in action every alternate day. But what to complain when our PM, the leader of the sovereign parliament of Pakistan, can be heard saying that he will only do what is “doable”, or in other term he is also subjected to the will of some outside forces. If things continue the way they are and one after another we are mislead by lies, false commitments and vice versa in the name of so called democracy, who is going to believe them any way?

Anyways for the time being it’s the denial time, for what has been revealed accidentally but of course this time around the listeners were very credible indeed. How can they justify that first Mush can forgive them and they are allowed back into the playing field with no previous cases to fear for and later they can forgive him and bid him farewell with an assurance that he must not fear from any future cases? Indeed this is what you term as reconciliation!

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  1. @faraz
    ur so called pious spokesman took 2 days 2 coverup the story………bt ofcourse its impossible 2 undo a statement from top office………..
    nd 2 blv a person like Mubashir who was better known 2 b the hip hop guy at filmazia airing film previews,,look around nd u will c quality journalist saying the other way around…………
    it waz mazhar abbas who asked the question nd he had accepted the report…………else ayesha tammy haq was also a witness…………atleast mubashir needs to reevolve 2 enter that league

  2. Zardari’s statement was really a surprise for the nation. The Print Media and Electronic media published and on aired Zardari’s statement on front pages and as breaking news. Thus publishing this fabricated statement Our Media once again earned the title of champion of Nations sympathizer. Soon after the report Presidential spokesman unveiled the facts of behind this story stating that” during iftar-cum-dinner for the journalists in Islamabad on Monday the President had in an informal chat remarked that national political leaders and parties had held negotiations among themselves to chase Musharraf out of office and restore Presidency to the democratic forces.

    In the chat with journalists there was no mention of negotiations with so called national or international guarantors to give immunity to Musharraf subsequent to his exit.
    Farhatullah Babar said that the noise and din raised over the alleged remarks wrongly attributed to the President is part of the campaign to discredit President Zardari for anything and everything that goes wrong.
    I know some of the infidels will certainly contradict the Presidential spokesman but what about the renowned journalist and anchor person “Mubashier Lucman” present at the occasion. He clearly denied the report and said that President even did not utter a single word about deal or guarantor. Plz click the following link and read the gimmickry of our Media.

  3. I think it was not slip of tongue it was intentional. In some other thread I had written that I don’t know but I had a feeling that Mush will be safe and its proven that he is a smart player.


  4. Our current day democracy is doomed from start. Where illetrate people elect non-graduate members of parliments, due to ignorance, fear and intimidation. Once elected, they have nothing good on their mind. Shortage of food, power, security and abundance of corruption is the result. Democracy is the biggest revenge! What a joke.

  5. @kashif
    as far as ur analysis about the current system i totally agree,, but you know what makes me more frightened is the fact that if the political forces are going to let the masses and there expectation down, for future we can say byby to democracy…………there will be no1 atleast in pakistan to care for there vows and manifestos

  6. iThe presidential spokesperson has already given explanation to what he meant he could not utter or vice versa. One just can’t wait to ponder what do these guys take us for?
    Anyhow, the victims are not registered yet in the brains of high and mighty. It’s like they are “doing business” in absolute vacuum with not stake holders except the two parties. What a shame to let such a thing happen, on the foreign guarantors to act in such undemocratic way and No Shame at all for our dear leaders who sell us when they want crush when they want and later come asking for votes when they want.

    I think we are sitting on a time bomb that will soon explode. The present system is not even “sustainable” to say the least politely. It will fall apart by misdoings of it own creators. The people of Pakistan should wake up to prepare for that next time and act wisely or let’s just not talk about it anywhere, anymore!


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