PPP Angry in Punjab

As the Asif Ali Zardari landed in Islamabad from his return to London, first he lashed at the media, then he lashed at the judges and then he in a mild bitter tone lashed at his partner PML-N who are refusing to get in line with the Pervez Musharraf.

Asif Ali Zardari is also not happy by the PML-N presence in the Punjab, and he knows that until and unless he doesnt break the power of PML-N in Punjab, he would not be on strong footing, and the only way to break the momentum of the lawyers movement is to break the government of PML-N in the Punjab.

MPAs from Punjab, including the ministers of PPP in Punjab also met with Zardari and they were very angry with the PML-N, and with the coalition setup. It was the same sentiment, which PPP showed in Karachi against MQM, when Zardari was happy with MQM, but the workers and other leaders were not.

All the preparations to topple Punjab government are in final stages.

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