PPP and PML-N Should Come Closer

The need of the hour is that judges be restored and Musharraf is ousted. The forces which represent status quo and tyranny are ruling hard and high right now, and the small things are pleasing their small minds.

These forces are relying on intrigues and conspiracies to fulfill their evil and nefarious designs. These forces are taking help from the rejected and hated people like Malik Qayyum, Sharifuddin Pirzada and Rashid Qureshi. These forces are standing on the crutches of United States.

But these crutches are also very deceitful and now they are receding and soon they will vanish. In June, there is every possibility that Musharraf won’t be in the country anymore. But to make it sure, both the parties which have been elected on 18th Feb must come closer and strengthen their unity.

These parties should not start fighting each other, once Musharraf goes out.

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