It is understandable as why Maulana Fazlur Rehman of JUI-F is becoming dolly to the notion of national government and supporting the causes and all the other positive crap; the reason is that he is a historically proven opportunist and according to the rumors spreading in the corridors of capital that Fazlur Rehman is once again asking for the chairman ship of Kashmir committee from Asif Ali Zardari.

It is equally non-understandable as why in the hell Asif Ali Zardari wants to go with this creep who has been overtly and covertly supporting the regime of Pervez Musharraf and who is one of the most despicable politicians in the country.

Mr. Zardari seems to be becoming Mother Teresa. He is going too soft and too mellow on the issues, it reeks of pretension. Meeting and joining hands of people like Fazlur Rehman is equivalent of insulting the mandate of nation.

Nation voted vehemently for PPP and PML-N and ANP because they wanted to get rid of hypocrites like Fazlur Rehman, and there they are PPP, mingling with these entities.

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