Potential of Story For Marketing

Extraordinary potential exists in each of us. With the right environment, resources and skills and knowledge,’ordinary people’ can produce extraordinary results. In order to produce extraordinary results, one doesn’t have to utilize extraordinary tools, simple things can do wonders if utilized in a unique and innovative way.

In order to launch or introduce a new service or product, one has to first hatch and sell an idea about it. Ideas are best described through little, short and brief stories. Stories are not often told to become an entertainer or to make it on the front of page newspaper.

We tell stories as a way to instruct, illustrate and, in the end, sell our ideas to venture capitalists, users and customers. As a leader we must sell ideas to motivate and mobilize the followers. As a co-worker we must sell ideas to get recognition of the peers. As a spouse, parent and friend we want and need to sell ideas to promote the family values.

Stories which are light, comprehensive, lucid, near to reality and interesting are the best tool to sell ideas. If you introspect, you would find that the most memorable, full of impact and sticky stories you know are not long and complex, rather they are more than likely short, simple and interesting.

When you use stories to sell the ideas, what basically you are trying to do is to explain the value to the people. So primarily you are telling the story to communicate the value. So first outline the story, and embed the value in it.

Try to be as unique and different in telling the story as possible. Don’t repeat the stereotypes and don’t tell what already has been told numerous times. Stories which are instantly recognizable don’t have much scope in grabbing the reader’s attention, and that means that your idea isn’t going to stick anywhere.

And last but not least, don’t stretch the story just for the sake of it. Don’t include turns and shocks and intrigue, you are not writing a thriller, but a story to sell your service or product’s value.

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