Post OBL in-Camera Parliament Session

Parliament House Islamabad

I tried to revisit my memory for an instant like this in history, and not surprisingly my mind says “your search is invalid”… hmm logical.

Things have lately turned from not so ordinary to highly extra ordinary. Rift between CIA and ISI over the crown trophy of Afghanistan, Obama’s not so noble outlook toward Pakistan becoming a reality with what happened in Abbottabad. The ISI and Military leadership pushed to the wall both globally and nationally after OBL discovery, and of course not surprisingly “deaf and dumb” reaction from the government of Pakistan.

So finally it was decided that something has happened, and its time to sit together. Of course the military has done it earlier by themselves, but the supreme parliament decided it after nearly 10 days.

I won’t call it damage control, because global media and US policy makers had spilled enough venom earlier that this sitting was vague from the start. Not to forget the “IN CAMERA” thing.

Lets be honest, who was deceived in this whole May 2nd episode? who was kept in the dark? who turned out to be a fool among all the happenings??? Of course it’s the 200 million Pakistanis and still we got in camera. Its like US doesn’t trust Pakistani leadership on an issue like OBL, same is the version of our law makers when it comes to the Pakistani nation. There should have been a national session, held under Minar-e-Pakistan to take every one into confidence, but that’s history now. A session was held during military operation in Swat, and it was too an in-camera session and after 3 years we are again on the same spot, hiding what belongs to the masses…. reality.

As we have been made silent spectators, all we have is the review coming from media which itself is presuming the happening. Top military leadership in front of the parliament, hard core questions, one to one about between opposition and god knows what.

But to end it all, the session ended with a resolution which one cannot ignore, and honestly it’s hard to digest as well. Some barbaric sins from Musharraf era were revisited, especially the case of Shamsi airbase. Insane. The UAE govt bought it from us and now heads it exclusively, leasing it to Americans on there own. That’s the same base we saw via satellite some years back, US drones stationed on it with the govt at that time denying it completely. So from when this selling of Pakistan started? From when the Sheikh’s  have turned their hunting grounds in Pakistan to CIA destruction grounds???? Was the sitting govt and all the parliamentarians blind before this presentation??? I guess the answer is “out of the masses reach”.

On “war on terror”, Pakistan is a unique case. Loosing the most in terms of blood and money, a decade has passed and we have no policy at all. The policy makers have shifted the ball in to the court of military, while its clear that they have nothing to do with policy making. It isn’t different because internally they are doing the same stuff in Balochistan as well. The resolution adopted has made two things clear… either we have to take the ultimate risk or once and for all we have to carry the label of “ on rent to anyone”. The military was made to accept its folly, but that in front of those who have themselves piled up a mountain of blunders in just 3 years.

I am not jumping to any conclusion because their isn’t any outcome of this activity yet. Military if it says can shoot down drones, block NATO supply line is one element, it matters what happens on international and national political front. Do we have a leadership and governance system which can take on such a challenge? Is their an inspirer among them to take this wounded  nation along?? The answer  to all this is not available even after the historic session. The military surrendered itself before the parliament just as it is in the constitution… but what about the one sitting in parliament? Isn’t their surrender justified in front of the masses under constitution? As I said earlier this debate cant be ignored, but its indigestible the most!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. The first time ever in the history of Pakistan, the military has come forward for such accountability. I believe we move to the right direction and must work on our strategic relations in war against terrorism.


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