Post Elections 2008: Lotas Emerge

Funny how the political cookie crumbles in this land of fair and pure. PML-N has been steadfast as to avoid lotacracy so far and is only including the independents, but their doors are open for the PML-Q lotas.

Their logic is that they won’t accept individuals lotas rather they would take them in aggregate bundle. One wonders about the difference between the two approaches. The new theory that when a single elected member changes loyalities, then he or she is a despicable lota, but when a bunch of elected members change sides then they are not lotas rather they are those pure souls who have suddenly found the right side of life.

Nilofer Bakhtiar has also created a pressure group with some senators. Four of these senators including Nilo are from Shujaat’s Qaaf league, whereas two belong to BNP-Awami of Balochistan and one is the son of former prime minister Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi.

Manzoor Wattoo is also active though the air is leaking from his balloon fast, as he has been shown the door from PML-Q’s fast diminishing camp, he has also been rejected by PML-N. PPP is not ready to count on this old goat, who is famous for manufacturing lotas along with Hamid Nasir Chattha.

Most of the lotas come from Punjab’s rural areas. You can tell it from their names. All these candidates having names like wattos, chatthas, dhillon, bhas, mazaris, legharis, waraich, butts, and the list goes on can go on either side. They sniff the air and then swing in the right direction from where the fragrance of power comes.

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  1. So what else is new? These guys spent a fortune on getting elected, so why shouldn’t they sell themselves to anyone who pays them well? Our politicians are absolutely corrupt and unscrupulous and shameless. We get the leaders we deserve.


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