Positives out of negatives…

Its never “the end” ___ Its always another begining.

Energy is never destroyed___It changes from one form to another.

Simillar is with life..it never ends it transorms to another form of life. Life after death, it’s a life ¬†with another dimension.

Its dark so that stars can shine brighter. Light pays the right to get away for a while and let the stars shine brightly.

Remember the theory: Darkness itself is nothing! It is the not the absence of light. Its the minimized amount of life which produces teh effect.

You are never alone. The only existense of true “one” is God.Evry other thing has got a counterpart.Sometimes you just don’t know whoi that counterpart is. But, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. You just have to strive hard to find it.

Everything comes_But, with time.

Love is a continous thing…Hidden in every object of this universe.We have to seek it out.Just like bread , You have to knead fouor to make bread.

Two negatives makes a positive.

Success is a hurdle race with no-condition of not standing up after falling.

You can always standup and walk with your head high, no matter how hard u’ve fallen. No other race gives you this chance. Only Life does.

There is nothing in life you cannot change. Even the change awaits a change.

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