Poor Cat

Walking by the beautiful Corniche, looking by beautiful people, enjoying, eating & chatting. My mind moves away from this heart provoking scene to the dear home land. Miles away from the country, feeling its pain to full depth, even sending all my money I had in Saudi bank to Pakistani banks thinking that might serve as the 1st drop towards my country economy, I wasn’t satisfied.

Praying and making new plans with some nice friends. Dreaming about a government that really means to be for peoples of Pakistan, a poor cat attracts my eyes attentions. That small cat moving round & round and didn’t getting anything in mind to what to do but finally moves under a lavish car thinking the safest place there. Sitting under, cat found itself like the safest place and everything seems in its control.

My minds moves back to the critical sides of the country, as one of the guy returning from Pakistan few days back gives his own cell & money snatching news at gunpoint. Our topic changes to the loan Pakistan is about to have from the mighty IMF, the same IMF whose horrible policies we had adopted in the past to pay them back and again we are about to repeat the mistake. How does it feels when our president says with UAE ameer that UAE should keep helping Pakistan in future also, isn’t that reflects the clear picture that we don’t have any strategic plan to live on our own and we would always needs someone to support.

Such thoughts hits my mind and heart from all the side when suddenly the car engine starts and in no time the car picks speed and the cat’s head crushed in the wheels of the car and the cat left with nothing but a dead cat body wrapped in blood. People all around including me look at that pitiable cat and feels bad and takes our way but my heart thoughts for a while is that IMF shelter just like that car shelter for my country. I nabbed my head and said no it will not be like that and things will be better soon because at least such a thought keeps me moving with a smile. LONG LIVE PAKISTAN.

3 thoughts on “Poor Cat”

  1. This piece of writing really shows the patriotic feelings of the author. As in every joyfulness and sorrowfulness that is happening around us he catches the picture and then see with the actuall picture of his country. This also shows his strong desire towards the prosperity of his homeland not only for him but also for the next generations.

  2. I was in some non english speaking european country and watching national news. The had a story of a cat who jumped over the ledge and broke leg. I was astonished to listen to such trivial stuff appearing on national news. i turned back to a local friend and he said well they dont have any news so they have to spend the alloted time henceforth the cat story. Believe me it wasn’t anything to be compared with animal rights and protection. In a jiffy my mind leaped in time and the words of our news reverbrated… bomb…killed..wounded….fata… *^% dead…. NW..killed … drone..missle….judges ..yes… judges..nooo…17th amendment soon..tomorrow… noo day after…gas loadshedding after electricty loadshedding… china plssss, UAE plsss… US plsss … and I was lost in oblivion for a couple of seconds. I only wished I wasn’t there!


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