Politics of Heart Strokes

The spokesman of Pakistan People’s Party Farhatullah Babar has received a severe heart stroke, just after the meeting of central executive committee of Pakistan People’s Party concluded. He was rushed to the CCU war of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), Islamabad. Perhaps Asif Ali Zardari’s circituous statements and the legal mumbo jumbo of the law minister Farooq H. Naek was too much to handle for the ill spokesperson.

Or perhaps Farhatullah Babar thought it impossible to speak it to the media, whatever was revealed in the CEC meeting of PPP and he was ill at ease with the outcome and the inevitable press briefings. He found it much more easy to grab his heart, then to face the gnawing media. But we are very anxious about his health and bid him good wishes for his health.

Like the Spokes guy Babar, the whole of Pakistani nation is very frustrated and the angry over the shenanigans of Zardari and the bad news is that most of these Pakistanis don’t have the resources to go to PIMS.

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