Political promises

Amid the election campaigns, all political parties seem to promise that they would do any and everything to serve the nation and there dreams will come true if there party is trusted. They come up with piety telling the nation once again about the problems persisting since long. However, none appears to explain the indispensable strategy required. Before believing the indefeasible proclamations made every day, here and there by the political parties’ one must understand the term ‘strategy’, meaning a plan made to achieve certain targets that require fundamental resources.

The promises made by the political parties are at the heights of turning hell into heaven before they are engaged in power and ones they are kicked out of the governance because of their poor performance, the justification is always the same; the inadequate strategy being made lacking resources. Thanks to emotive outbursts and contradictory statements made by these political parties, today the capabilities of every individual are enabled enough that do not sustain any further short memory.

With the recent developments between PPP and PML-N, the two coalition partners it seems apparent that Asif Zardari used the same political promises as a tactic to win the elections of Feb 2008.

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