Policy about IT manpower in Public Sector

Due to the mushrooming of Information Technology (IT) institutes across the country, and due to the substandard and obsolete education they offer, not to forget the wrong approach of our so-called graduates, the number of menial computer jobs like data entry operator, or data worker, or computer operator are on the high rise.

But, now as the ground realities here, and now country is brimming with IT man power, who is mostly related to not-so-creative jobs, government has got to formalize their caders according to their work.

The infusion of IT is increasing day by day in the country, and most of the institution have computerized their working. In the homes, shops, offices its usage is rampant. The personal who work in the IT departments are skilled and highly educated.

The ideal thing for government would be to make their existing education more creative and useful by offering state-of-the-art modern crash courses, but the reality is that government cant really do much in this regard, and an individual has got to himself improve his skills and caliber.

Especially in the public sector organizations, which are the back bone of country, these IT people have done a remarkable job of the mammoth work of automation. But their designation and other official status is very dismal and pathetic. Despite having doing the same work, their cadres are different, that is very unjustified.

There is no unified policy for them like there is for assistants, UDC, LDC and others. Computer operators should be given the 14 grade in BPS. Designations like KPO, KPVO, Data operator, data coder, processing supervisor, assistant supervisor, keypunch supervisor, they all almost do the same jobs and hence should be given a singular title of Data Control Officer and be given the 14th grade. Due rewards always improve the production, and absence of them only aggravates the morale.

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