Policies of Yester Go On

While the Musharraf has gone for good, but the alarming thing for the coalition partner is that still the policies of the Musharraf are back firing and there is no respite and there is no fall back plan from the government whatsoever, and the recent attack in the D. I. Khan is a glaring example of that.

A bomb blast outside the emergency gate of a hospital in Pakistan’s volatile north-west killed at least 12 people and wounded 15 others, the scene of Dera Ismail Khan District Hospital saw 18 bodies on the ground. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the explosion. But then the news came that Taliban have accepted the responsibility and then it was heard that Taliban have denied it. The uncertainty continues.

Talibans are being attacked in the FATA region and the backlash is being experienced in the settled areas. Only the Bajur operation has killed nearly 500 people and displaced more than 200,000, so far. The mass exodus is creating other problems for the settled areas.

The government should also oust policies of Musharraf along with Musharraf.

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