PML-Q’s Mud-slinging

National newspapers are littered with the mud-slinging advertisements sponsored and given by PML-Q’s lotas. These ads include clippings from the newspapers showing the statements of the victimized political leader. Benazir Bhutto was the initial target, and now after her death, Nawaz Sharif is under the ominous fire of PML-Q.

Out of context and edited news clippings can server little purpose for PML-Q, but they would do loads of good to the already mounting goodwill of Nawaz Sharif. For example, nowadays national dailies are published an ad by PML-Q, in which PML-Q is trying to tell people that Nawaz Sharif is incoherent in his decision. To support their ludicrous charges, they go on to give Nawaz Sharif’s statements in which he at one time boycotted the elections, and then decided to take part and at one instant, just after the death of Benazir, he associated his decision to participate in Elections with People’s Party.

Nawaz Sharif did a very noble job, when he went to Naudero to condole with Asif Ali Zardari amidst high tensions and animosity towards Punjab. He took a huge personal risk, but his gesture really appeased the angry Sindhi brethren, and Nawaz Sharif set a very bright precedent. He showed that politicians like him including Qazi Hussain Ahmad, Achakzai, and host of others have learnt the lesson from the debacle of East Pakistan in 1971.

Even Imran Khan who has boycotted the elections, and has developed a conflict with Nawaz Sharif has condemned this muckraking from the PML-Q toadies. It’s really very disgusting and cruel of PML-Q to tarnish this gesture. Pakistanis know what is right and what is wrong, and they certainly know where PML-Quisling stands.

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