PM Puppet

I feel sorry for the Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, who doesn’t know what to do exactly. He wants to be the Prime Minister with all the fanfare in the world, and he wants to really enjoy the throne at full throttle with full hubbub.

But when the poor premier meets Pervez Musharraf, his allied party PML-N starts oozing fire, and when he tries to give statements in the favor of the judiciary, his own party and the masters in America start fuming. There are very few options for the new PM.

That is what puppet prime minister ship is all about. Where Shahbaz Sharif is actually running the Punjab government, here Asif Ali Zardari is calling the shots from minor to major. And that is exactly why nobody is prepared and ready to accept that Rehman Malik, the interior advisor to PM Gillani acted at his own.

What sort of the PM, Gillani is when he doesn’t know as what in the hell his advisors are doing. Adivsor’s job is to give advise and not to give orders.

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