PM Gilani’s fruitful visit to China

Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani (left) met with Chinese President Hu Jintao (right) Tuesday as part of a four-day trip to ally China.jpgAmong the suicide attacks and an endless debate over Kerry Lugar bill, our PM has wrapped up one of the most successful tour of the recent times made to China. Unlike trips taken by the top office where he hardly met any significant figure, PM was greeted by the President Hu Jin Tao outside the Great People’s Hall, a rare show of Chinese hospitality. The real high point of the trip was SCO meeting that was held at a very critical time for the region. Pakistan has enjoyed the status of an observer at the SCO.

During this time, PM successfully engaged with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. After a gap of many years, Russians have offered us a defense package and also an overhaul to the aging steel mill of Pakistan, a historical and long valued gift from Soviet era while with China important deals were struck for anti terrorist efforts. Though may be in long run this trip may not be different from many others, but at least it is a sight of relief that in some sector at least our diplomacy is working. Lets hope this tradition set by him is followed all along.

Image: Yahoo News

6 thoughts on “PM Gilani’s fruitful visit to China”

  1. @confused
    hehe…………check post……we never needed them to send u packing………….nd dey hav silenced u once and for all in 62…………bt does it pinch?atleast we share a border…………wat abt ur tail in afghanistan where u hav nuthing bt coward terror camps……………it goes both way buddy,,

  2. barely a fortnight (probably a month?) ago zardari has visited china, now gilani. does both of them have different agenda? never heard that, and pakistan media does not seems to give attention to this issue. why?

    one wonder if pakistan’s leader has shown this kind interaction with their provincial leader’s almost 80 percent of pakistan’s problem, like uneven development, rising of poverty, lack of fund for development, have been solved. (though this kind of communication gap does exist in india but we used to forgive because top leader’s never never visited america or russia, in that kind of frequency.

    now i start believing that pakistan is nothing but a check(post) for india setup by china. and their leader’s are like chowkidar who time to time update their superior. ironically payment is made thgough pakistani awam’s almost empty pocket (thinks so, but who knows!).

  3. fruitful visit to china!

    lol, i never ever heard any fruitless visit of a pakistani leader in china!

    fruitful because “PM was greeted by the President Hu Jin Tao outside the Great People’s Hall, a rare show of Chinese hospitality.” gosh, it tells how much he (jin tao) was sick of seeing jardari’s face, and gilani feels like a fresh air.

    by the way it would be much readable story if the statistics were provided of how many times zardari, gilani and kiyani have visited china ever since they have taken their coveted job. (my raw calculation tells that it would be a guinness world records. congrats!)

    picture abhi baki hai mere dost!

  4. Russians offer of defence package and response over Iran nuclear issue in past days reveals that something is there in Moscow’s mind.


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