Please Stop Experimenting In Swat

Since long, our politician have experimented their somewhat personal ideologies in the name of serving and helping Pakistan. Every time new government is installed we see a complete U turn of policies where the previous regime is insulted and humiliated for things they did. Consequently, the case has been happening again.

Our leaders have experimented a lot with this country and it has caused the unstoppable infiltration of extremists now. The Swat peace deal is like a known unknown fact that will end soon. The weakest link is the implementation of Shariah that will be interpreted the way extremists will desire. It is not the army that is weak to stop the militants but rather is the weakness of government that does its politics while tackling the issue.

Being a resident of NWFP I can see huge number of citizens migrating from Swat and tribal areas in to the cities. They all have nothing but stories of fear and death to tell. I urge the government to stop experimenting and let the army do its task for once and for all.

3 thoughts on “Please Stop Experimenting In Swat”

  1. Ambreen u r very right n Govt should not interfere in the Army Operation when it is started. There was no doubt the risk of death of many innocents but after the completion of military operation it was going to leave a strong msg for the terrorists.
    May God keep our country in HIS custody. Ameen


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