Pick a guard, any guard

Security Guards are a normal sight now in Karachi . Almost every street is stationed with a couple or more guards, they can be spotted roaming near the bank gate or any barrier or security check of companies. Even with their grey uniforms and guns, they seem quite innocuous. There are many kinds of guards and each has his own way, but observation has indicated that the appearance of the guard gives a good idea of how he is going to repond and react.

Some typical examples are as follows. A young shaven guard is very unlikely to be found, he would be very polite and would try to help you in any way he can. He is the one who will give  you a smile when you go back and tries to get you to like him. A young guard with a moustache only is most likely to  not know the language of the city and be confused  about what you are asking for. A young guard with a beard is a person interested in nothing but the air in front of him. I’m not sure if he has the senses to  hear  gunshots or see masked men with guns. A middle aged guard is non-existent.  Old guards with beards are of two kinds, those that know everything but dont want to tell you and those that want to tell you but dont know anything. The rare type of old guard is the one who knows and helps, usually with a well managed beard and no attitude. Old guards with no beards are also rare, they are usually hired in places where security is a formality.

How appearance relates to behavior tells us how the mind can affect the body and how the body can indicate the situation of the mind.

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