Physical and Spiritual Benefits of MISWAK…

Miswak is the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H), which is recommended or use everyday before salath. It has many physical as well spiritual benefits, some of which are mentioned as:

Physical Benefits:

– Cures every disease except death.
– Cures headache and improves human memory, thus increasing intelligence.
– Beautifies face and clears the complexion.
– Makes gums stronger and let’s get rid of the mucus, adding freshness to the mouth.
– Improves on eyesight, delays aging, makes teeth shiny, and strengthens the back.

Spiritual benefits:

– Reminds Kalmah at the time of death.
– Increases the reward of salat (prayer).
– Keeps away evil thoughts.
– Relaxes the brain and satisfies the heart.
– Finally, those who use Miswak everyday, at time of their death, the soul leaves the body easily.

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