Petition : Let’s Stop Eating Fruits

Government is no where near to control the price hike and hoarding. Politicians are themselves thieves and they are the ones who have hoarded the food items in their godowns. Things like price control committees and pricing magistrates are just an illusion, nothing else. Law enforcement agencies are there just to pester the common people, who is already at the verge of suicide.

Common people don’t give a damn at what’s happening at Supreme Court, or why Nawaz Sharif’s re-exile was a shame for the country, or why Election Commission made amendments, or why Musharraf is not (or is) shedding the uniform, or why Benazir has struck the deal or why MQM’s cheif’s birthday is what should be major headline or even why Pakistani skipper Shoaib Malik didn’t know about the bowl-out rule , when he lost a match against India in Twenty20 cricket world cup?

Common man is just fighting the war for survival. He is worried in the morning as how he would arrange Iftari for his kids, and he is wary of the gaping Sehri expenditure. He simply cannot buy anything to eat. At first nothing is available, and if there is anything available, it is only getable through long queues, and at outrageous prices, which only the ministers and advisors and opposition leaders could afford.

But as a nation, we are also to blame. Why don’t we shed this apathy? Why we are allowing ourselves to be used in the hands of this spineless retailers, wholesalers or in simple words ‘cruel hoarders’? These hoarders would extort money from the already dying nation in Ramadan, and then will go for a five-star Umrah to Saudi Arabia.

I appeal to nation to get up and stand in front of this cruelty. Nobody will come for our rescue. We have to ourselve stop this animals from attacking us. Let’s get united and as a gesture of retaliation, make a pledge to not to eat any sort of fruit this Ramadan. Let’s pledge that we would not use any kind of fruit in our Iftar or Sehri. And if you can, just confine yourself to the food items which are inevitable, and shorten their quantity. And do this even if you could afford. Let’s sacrifice for the nation. I assure you that by doing this, we will strike at the heart of these invertebrate hoarders.

Damn them. Blast them by signing this petition.

4 thoughts on “Petition : Let’s Stop Eating Fruits”

  1. Fahd: the reason why prices of everything are going up is because the very rich don’t care a damn. They consume everything in excess, without realizing the effect it has on poor and middle-class people. As for myself, I have to be on a diet consisting mostly of fruits and vegetables, for medical reasons. If I stop buying fruit, what will I eat? You have to find some way of convincing the wealthy Pakistanis to consume less, whether it’s fruits, or atta, or even petrol. And I don’t think they will listen to people like you and me. They have so much that they can afford to pay ten times more for everything.

  2. @ Shakir: I disagree with respect. Not only atta, but everything is touching the sky. If you look closely, you have yourself answered your question,”Does this mean we should stop eating atta? ”

    I have said “dont eat fruits” because its realistic. I am not that cruel like those hoarders 🙂 Fruits are which can easily be left behind for a while. It would be a symbolic gesture of unity from the nation, as the next commenter Amir Askari has said. I have also said that we should also start using just the inevitable items, if we can affort it. It’s timidness to say that we dont have solution to this problems. We have the solution, and that doesnt lie in weeping, cursing and self-persecution. That lies in the unity. That lies in the iron-clad retaliation. Strike at their heart. Dont use their products. Let them rot in hell of their rotten products.

    We have got the muscle to upturn all these rogues, hoarders, price hikers , corrupt officials, and politicians. The only thing is as Amir Askari said, we need unity against these oppressors.

    @ Amir Askari: Thanks, Unity is what is needed.

  3. I think v dont have the unity 2 to do such a thing otherwise we wouldnt have been in such a state as we are now, at the mercy of these so called leaders.The people of Pakistan got freedom when it came into existence but we couldnt free our minds.We need someone to rule over us.We have to stand up and tell these oppressors that its us who will decide your fate not you who will decide our fate.

  4. It’s not only fruits that are very expensive in Ramadan, even atta (flour) is now beyond the reach of the poor. Does this mean we should stop eating atta? There is no solution to this price hike, it happens every year in the holy month. And the fact that all the fruit is sold at the high prices means that there are rich people who can afford them.


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