Petition against Pak Suzuki Motor Company

Pak Suzuki Motor has been spewing out vehicles in Pakistan for almost 25 years now. This post speaks out on the behalf of those people who are the victim of low quality production and highly un-user friendly approach of this plant.

The end-product a customer gets from this plant after a painfully lengthy period is simple a heap of bland garbage. For instance I recently got my Mehran Suzuki Car from a local dealer in Rawalpindi almost 2 months ago and still hasn’t been able to experience the smooth functioning of vehicle. There were many manufacturing faults in it from the outset. Major manufacturing faults were faulty hand brake, loose doors, substandard rubbers, dried up bushes, ill-fitted window glasses. The Rs. 350000+ vehicle hadn’t even got simple cheap things like mud flaps, seat covers, and other small things. Automobile mechanics themselves advice that one has to replace many parts of a new vehicle in order to get some sort of relief.

This state of affair is absolutely unacceptable. If you share the pain, frustration and humiliation, then please join hands to protest against this high-handedness of Pak Suzuki Motors Company by signing the following petition:

Petition against Pak Suzuki Motor Company


181 thoughts on “Petition against Pak Suzuki Motor Company”

  1. i have also suffering the bad quality of Mehran 2016 Model.

    Till from first day i am facing steering bubbling issue and different noise from different parts.

    few days back gear stuck in the middle of the road and engine suddenly stops.

    Paksuzuki develop stupid car


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