Peshawarites outcast Zardari as presidential candidate

In a survey it was revealed that a pregnant number of locals of the provincial metropolis Peshawar have expressed their disenchantment over PPP co-chairperson Asif Zardari nomination as a presidential candidate. People were of the opinion that Pakistan Peoples Party being largest single party in the parliament had the right to choose its candidate but Zardari was not the best option. They showed apprehensions that Zardari was all powerful in the party and his maneuvering for the presidential office would engender that the power is once more shifted to the presidency. This would result once again in delaying the dream of having a strong parliament.

Anum Khan working in a non governmental organization asserted that Asif Zardari is a controversial person for various obvious reasons and not being a trust worthy man he does not deserves to be president of a state. She added that former chief justice of Pakistan (retd) Saeeduzzaman Siddiqui should be nominated as President as he was the person who refused to take oath under provisional constitution order of 1999.

With end of coalition partnership and Zardari being an unpopular figure before becoming president of Pakistan it is apparent that this decision would not be in best interest of the country. Asif Ali Zardari the co-chairperson of Pakistan’s largest party must consider what people want. This would not only help in regaining public trust but would too result in making Pakistan’s political situation stable.

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  1. I have deliberately refrained from pointing out the numerous mistakes and grammatical errors in your other posts, but “a pregnant number of locals” really takes the cake. Again, “Peshawarites outcast Zardari as presidential candidate”, is not correct. “Outcast” is not the appropriate word here, because what you really mean is that the people of Peshawer have “rejected” Zardari (which cannot be true, since not all Peshawerites are opposed to Zardari as president). I would advise you to check the meanings of words before writing your posts.


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