Pervez Elahi: Prime Minister of Punjab?

In Sindh, Balochistan and NWFP, Punjab is considered as the luckiest province. Apparaently, that might be the case, but in actual things are not that rosy and sweet. When we have leaders like Chaudharies of Gujarat in Punjab who have done everything make the things worst for the people, then how could Punjabis be the lucky ones?

Auditor General of Punjab has sent away a questionnaire of 21 questions to the constituencies, asking them tough questions like where exactly the funds have been spent, and what is the status of infrastructure and other basic necessities in the area after the spending of funds. He has also inquired about the schedules and the audit report. Local governmments must be laughing their hearts out over this questionnaire, and its quite possible that many even hadn’t bothered to even read it from start to end.

After all these years, infrastructure has become an elusive dream, and now populace is yearning for flour, power and drinking water. Auditor General is a naive man. He cannot deal with these thugs, who have amassed a mammoth fortune. According to the media reports, some 40 billion rupees have been squandered just from the flour crisis, and almost same amount has been plundered through the sugar crisis.

Chaudhary Pervez Elahi, leader of PML-Q, who wants to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan is just convassing in Punjab and doesnt even talking about Sindh and other areas of the country. What a pity, and what a sad affairs of our country. A Prime Minister represents all the people of all the areas, and he acts as a unifying focal point. Federeation is represented by the PM, so how could Pervez Elahi even thinks about becoming a PM, when he doesnt even fully represent Punjab?

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  1. If Mr. Jinnah were alive today, he would have deeply regretted creating Pakistan. Most of our leaders have been crooks, and they have always been more interested in filling their own pockets than in serving the people. You can bet that even if an honest man succeeds in getting to be the prime minister, he will turn into a crook within a few days. Our cabinet ministers have beenr responsible for the disappearance of sugar and flour, yet not one of them has been sacked. Our policemen are criminals and actively involved in the drug trade, but they continue to prosper. And as long as we remain illiterate, things will remain the same and we shall continue to suffer.


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