One’s personality is built up by the surroundings and especially by the atmosphere of one’s own house. The way we live in our house and the interactions with the house members greatly affect making one’s mood and bringing in changes. Personality is described as the amalgamation of consistent emotional, thought and behavior patterns.

Psychologists have developed different ways of judging personality. Personality quizes are designed as a series of intended to reveal something about the answering person. Similarly personality tests aim to describe aspects of a person’s character, thoughts and feelings.

There are many cases of personality disorders, the main of which may be the effects of being in bad circumstances. For example a child is scolded by parents when he has committed some mistake or in conditions when the family life is shattered or the parents have tussles between them. Also if the family has financial tensions , the depression is automatically converted to all the members.

It is not that personality only builds up in childhood but the changes keep on coming with the time. But the remedy is still there. If someone finds tensions all around him, he should learn different ways to be happy and it would be much better if he goes out for a change of environment.

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