Permanent Membership for Permanent Nuisance

New Delhi is currently on cloud 9 and  there is a good reason for this aswell. Team Manmohan has got the backing of President Obama for its quest to join the permenant member squad in UN Security Council.

Although the aspiration is not new but its timing as well as its future implications have raised many questions. Unlike Peter & Alexander the Great from the past, Obama in a short time acquiered the title of Obama the Noble. If you are suffering from short memory loss, I must remind you that he qualified for this title after mysteriously he was nominated for the Noble Peace Prize,  surprising for even the President himself.

The incident greatly inspired Obama of the jury responsible for awarding this prize.  Of course they were super human in their verdict when they awarded a person the noble crown although he is the supreme commander of an army busy in slaughtering thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan while his policy supports a regime which is commiting the biggest genocide in living history (Israel in Gaza). Moreover under his inspiring leadership or rather in continuation of his predecessor Bush Jr, the world has come closer to an all out conflict of civilization rather than nation ( War on Islam).

Just a brief overview of the most powerful man who has given thumbs up to New Delhi for becoming the permanent member of a forum originally designed to maintain peace and order around the world. The Indian track record is superb in this regard and clearly meets the double face criteria maintained in this regard. The way it has respected every UN resolution regarding Kashmir, its long track record of non-interference in the internal affairs of its neighboring countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Bhutan and Pakistan. If that’s not enough, I must mention the way it has safeguarded the human rights of minorities in its domain and also its positive steps toward the arms race initiated in the region. With such attributes under its banner Obama clearly wants a state like his own to be on its side at the UNSC. Agreed.

Going a bit further, this discussion seems meaningless unless we give United Nations the credit it deserves for maintaining world peace and order. Having succeeded League of Nations for maintaining world order in 1945, UNSC is one organ which can be termed as the “Devil’s Own”. A forum for global governance based on democracy and equal rights, no one has yet understood the concept behind this P5 phenomena. Just for a flash back it’s a group of 5 permanent members of UNSC namely US, USSR and now Russia, China, France and Great Britain which inherited the role of global policeman after acquiring the arsenal of “veto” from this forum. In other words under the golden rule of “might is right”, they were allowed to operate behind a smoke screen to protect their evil deeds although with a refined and sober unlike the situation in the past. The other 203 so called members have played the role of silent spectators while the gladiators (P5) have slaughtered them through “veto” whether it was Korea(1950), Vietnam(1956), Afghanistan( 1979& 2001), Gulf expedition(1990& 2003), Balkans (1990’s), Somalia(1993) or Rwanda ( 1996).  Wherever you see the only thing we witness is destruction and exploitation. On resolving issues Palestine & Kashmir cannot be left out from its basket of achievements. Now under the context of expansion Indians can be a proud addition as it is certain that in near future they will add more pages to its book of tyranny.

If Obama the Nobel really meant nobility, he should have put his weight behind the abolition of this P5 entirely while giving maximum mandate to the General Assembly which has 1 vote for each member, but of course this will leave no cover for the hidden agendas carried out by him and his counterpart in the above mentioned countries.

Toward  the future orientation this visit of Obama’s to India has a strong statement within itself. Empowering India at this stage means that US really wants to exit Afghanistan under strong Indian influence. In other words like Imperials in the past, US has decided the fate of coming generation of Afghans, a war that will never end. On the other hand our teams visiting US for the so-called strategic dialogue should realize their position in the eyes of US and its allies with respect to “war against terror”. Instead of a front line ally its more of a playing field where every one will have its chance of flexing its muscles. At the same time its better that they start assessing what we have lost in this ongoing campaign where our countrymen are dying every day through suicide bombing, a full scale insurgency has engulfed Balochistan and KPK and it seems that the eye of the storm is yet to strike.

To conclude, time is running out very quickly for team Islamabad to settle its regional issues as well as the fire burning in its backyard and also their policy till now can be summed up in a simple phrase

“Effort  without direction is simply a waste of effort”.

For the time being our executives can take relief from the point of view floated by leading economist around the world. Before Obama landed in Mumbai it was in the air that he is out their to put on hold US sliding economy, and this seems appropriate considering the delegation that accompanied him during the trip. For this purpose it was required that he comes out with a sweeping statement to make team Manmohan satisfied.

With this tagline, I must say that Obama has been a bit decent in his approach and we can easily compare him with the trip of British Premier David Cameron sometime earlier. But still, this version can be best regarded as a pain killer for the wounds Pakistan is suffering  day and night during this ongoing “war on terror”.