People of Pakistan are scared to death

With each recent horrendous development taking place on Pakistani political, social and economic scene, the people of Pakistan are scared to death. No one in here is persuaded of the security situation. And now the recent call made in US about changing there focus of war on terror from Afghanistan and diverting it towards Pakistan has further terrified people.. Though COAS Pervaiz Ashfaq Kiyani in a public statement has proclaimed an indirect but clear message to USA that any intrusion in territory of Pakistan would be defended but with leaders like Zardari whom I do not discard for his previous record but rather his recent conduct, the nation can face any consequences.

In state like Jammu and Kashmir where war is on since more then half century one never heard of Indian forces killing people through using Gunship helicopters then why people in tribal areas that are part of Pakistan are bombarded.

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  1. Isnt the US chomping the NW Frontier already like a Mcdonald’s cheeseburger? You mean only after the area is flattened that you agree ? Dont worry, your wish will be granted soon. First they will cut off the billion dollar yearly alms they are doling out to Pak and then finish off the job.

    Wasnt Pak happy in arming the taliban against the Russians in Afghanistan? Giving base, logistical support and arms to the taliban to fight against a neighbor? Where was the common sense then? Today its turned against you. The taliban monster was created with Pakistani help, so enjoy their love that is being reciprocated.

    Isnt American dream better than the Pakistan dream? Heck even an African dream would be better than a Pakistan dream. You mean anyone in his sane mind would want to have a life like the ones in Pakistan? hehehe. Only the jehadis in the Pakistan brand jehadi factory clamor for that kinda life. Give me the American FDI into the economy anyday.

    And, the foreign policy of India is passed by the Parliament unlike some tinpot dictator(s) in Pakistan who wakes up every morning believing that he will annihilate India some day. So, no worries about that.

    Not like when the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is talking to his Indian counterpart Vajpayee, the army general of Pakistan (Musharraf) is busy trying to subvert his own government and country and go to war with the neighbor. And the biggest joke? That fellow becomes the President of Pakistan. Man, you guys give the world enough laughs daily. I should thank you for that.

  2. wow philip you living an american dream:) india wud be sweetheart as long as it doesnt fool around with russia ..that will eventually happen… afterall the entire terror game is to check china russia and india’s market in int’l economy….

  3. Philip… fighting is nt takin place on ur turf so it dun really matter… the superpower disarms first and then attacks I wonder what kinda wussy power it is!! Pakistan is not another Afghanistan and Iraq buddy….. jus wait till ya start luvin it since it wont prove to be one of the Mcdonalds cheeseburgers….

    God I cant forget that moment when France didnt come forward seven years ago in this “perpetration” of terror war (LoL) and french fries were officially freedom fries…. LoooL what a dorky thing to do at a state level…but then again “only in America” ….and lastly its jus the backlash of the genuine policy US enacted to create Taliban against Soviets and now they are outta control and suddenly Pakistan is to blame for all the mess!! we are dying..we are paying for YOUR mistakes and we are to blame for fomenting terrorism…how base can it get afterall????

    I miss Collin Powell sir at UNGA now for briefing Iraq’s weapon of mass destruction and finding excuse to attack…. they went on attacking only after admitting that the entire presentation a LIE!!! WOW i cant believe these guys…. so you dun need a reason to attack us..jus come up wid anythin..anytime……..u take it ez philip!!

  4. Shakir, India is a much much much bigger country economically, politically and militarily than Pakistan is, for the US to ignore it or to bomb like its doing to Pakistan. India and the US are mature democracies with a people to people relationship between them. Neither country is ruled by tinpot dictators at their whims and fancies as has happened with Pakistan since its independence.

    After the nuclear deal is passed by the US congress, France, Germany, Japan, UK, US and all the countries with the civilian nuclear tech will invest in India. If that makes India the ally of all these countries, what more can be better than that? Iam sure you will also give your right hand to get such a deal. Just that the ego doesn’t allow you to agree. I can understand that feeling. Its human.

    Its far better than having jehadi factories in the backyard bombing the hell out of innocent people and propagating ancient religious beliefs, isnt it.

  5. Kashif, its the same. Either Pakistan is plain naive or stupid when it believes that it can foment terrorism in the name of religion or otherwise in the neighbourhood (Afghanistan and India) and the rest of the world; and think it can get away with it.

    Forget tickling, the USA is bashing the shit out of Pakistan. Tickling times are over. The fun has just started. Soon Pakistan will be bombed like Iraq was. There wont be anything they can do about it. And, iam loving it.

  6. philip either you are being naive or just plain ignorant. This country doesnt work out its policies in isloation specially the security concerning ones. Its the US thats tickles from here and then from there ummm same thing….. we are to be tickled… geez i cant believe you guys for 3000 people you are out to put an end to the world… wow the ingenious plan of whoeva it was… amazin superB power.. well if we are in the way…carry on bulldozing ya dun need anyones permission anyways…… so here we are “GETTIN OUTTA DA WAY” ..


  7. “In state like Jammu and Kashmir where war is on since more then half century one never heard of Indian forces killing people through using Gunship helicopters then why people in tribal areas that are part of Pakistan are bombarded.”

    Just because India has been lenient on dealing with Pak sponsored terrorism on its soil doesnt mean that the world’s greatest super power, USA will also behave similarly.

    Pakistan picked up the wrong opponent. All it takes for the US is just a month of economic blockade to bring Pakistan on its knees. Pray that US doesnt resort to that. Else, Pakistan will be a failed state sooner rather than later.

    Pak survives on the monthly dole granted by the US govt. Since 9/11, USD 10 billion has been pumped into the economy. But what does the ISI/Army nexus do? Instead of using it for development, divert the money to generate more terrorism against Afghanistan, Pakistan etc. So, you reap for what you sow.


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