Pemra wants to hear it from you

The most frequently used line on air these days is ‘see you after the break’ or ‘milte hain break kay baad’. Even during a short duration talk show or sitcom people have to watch equal length of advertisements. The practice becomes irritating during the broadcast of live cricket matches when the viewer have to digest commercials after every over. Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) eventually realized that there are some rights of people who watch television and some times get annoyed with long duration commercial breaks. In an advertisement published in today’s newspaper it recommend people to complain about those satellite TV channels which are not following Pemra ordinance regarding the maximum time of advertisement to be shown during a television program broadcast.

According to the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) Ordinance, 2002 rule 15(3), during a regular program a continuous break for advertising shall not exceed three minutes and duration between two such successive breaks shall not be less than fifteen minutes.

How many satellite channels can survive if people start registering complaints against them?

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2 thoughts on “Pemra wants to hear it from you”

  1. It was the good action by PEMRA to banned Indian Star series channels but cable TV operator show Indian Channel Star plus in the evening through dish tv. city name is kahuta.

  2. I would like to bring into the notice of the authorities of PEMRA that i am the resident of Multan Road Lahore.In this area Mr Imran is running the setup of his Cable Network by the name of Star Cables.

    In spite of several complains to his office nothing has been done yet.The pathetic channels which includes Pakistani (Dancing & Mujras) & English Fashion TV etc has been operated in the late transmissions.The channels which has been approved by the competent authority has been but in very last.The Television sets which dont have more than 30 channels memory could not approach to those required channels.

    In this concern the competent authority is requested to take a notice and must take action against this cable operator.


    Mr Imran


    Mr Umer
    Mr Jameel
    Mr Waqas

    Thanks For attention.



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