Pehno Etihad: Levi Strauss & Co’s post elections message to Pakistani Youth

Given the current social, economic and political situation in the country, Levi Strauss & Co acknowledge the need to unite Pakistan’s youth and the leader’s of tomorrow on a cohesive and common platform. To that end, Levi Strauss & Co bring to the nation a bilingual and innovative social service campaign urging Pakistani’s to wear their solidarity. The inspiration behind this movement is the youth of Pakistan, indeed the future of this country and the message directly appeals to them to wear their Pakistani identity with pride and in unity. By spreading the message of camaraderie and encouraging social cohesion, Levi’s® is unique in that they believe in engaging and encouraging today’s youth to stand up and be part of a solution rather than serving as passive bystanders.

The campaign is a visual representation of the facets surrounding the notion of a solid and united Pakistan, complete with the flag of the country in a demonstration of patriotism, the young man as a symbolic representation of the youth, documenting the movement towards patriotism, equality and unity.

“Wear your Solidarity” is a social campaign reflective of the label’s ongoing commitment to social and public related services in Pakistan. Last year witnessed the launch of the Levi’s® Rock Club which continues to give young talent a free platform at Peeru’s Café in Lahore, to perform weekly. They also converted the basement of their flagship store last year to serve as a platform for the youth with weekly ‘open mic’ nights where students were encouraged to exhibit their artwork, perform, sing, recite poetry, read out prose or just talk! Levi Strauss & Co also offer annual scholarships to prospective Beaconhouse National University and Pakistan School of Fashion Design students who are also given simultaneous paid internships at their local Levi’s® offices.

Join Levi’s to spread the message of solidarity across Pakistan.

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