Peace in Swat

As the news of the peace agreement with the Talibans of Swat has spread, the violence has subsided considerably, and the support for the armed struggled has waned tangibly, even in the FATA area, the axis of war.

Though the Advisor to Prime Minister for Interior Rehman Malik is still threatening the Talibans and saying that they wont’ talk with the militants, but the thing is that with the blessing of security forces, the ANP government of Swat has struck an agreement with the local Talibans.

This agreement is on the basis of give and take. Government would release some of the militants and would implement Shariah Law in the swat region, whereas militants would stop and rollback the armed struggle. This is a very good news.

Johan Negroponte, the American thug is landing in Pakistan next week, and he is a big danger to the peace in Swat. ANP should beware of him.

1 thought on “Peace in Swat”

  1. Swat its called Switzerland of Pakistan, what happened in swat no one can believe, everything come to an end, a ordinary life of one local individual is lifeless, what our leaders are doing? There are making fun on it??? It’s not time to compose political principles
    I want to appeal to all pray for our Pakistan and Pakistani people and also pray that our leaders get some sense to effort for Pakistan, they are member of staff of Pakistan they should work for Pakistan not for their own profit


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