PDA’s Separation

The reports are that the parting of Pakistan Muslim League and the Pakistan People’s Party won’t exactly be the no-face-seeing-ever-after, but it would be withdrawal of PML-N from the cabinet and the active participation with the PPP.

In the Punjab, PML-N would try its best to keep the government, and along with that PML-N would also keep a working relationship with the federal government. PML-N wouldn’t want to disrupt the PPP government, as it would weaken them too in the Punjab.

The restoration of judges seems to be a distant goal now. With PML-N retreating from the coalition on this issue, there is no way that PPP would reinstate the judges without clipping their powers and that would be just cosmetics restoration.

But PML-N should join hands with the lawyers and try to invoke a nationwide struggle for the reinstatement of judges.

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