PDA Sinking

The most promising alliance in the history of Pakistan; the Pakistan Democratic Alliance is on the verge of a gigantic Titanic collapse, and few hours remain when the formal announcement will be made. It would be sad, but then it was on the cards from the time, when PPP compromised with the dictator.

PML-N took votes from the people of Pakistan on the issue of judges ,and they couldn’t possible remain in the alliance and in the government after not fulfilling their promise. Though Zardari thinks that this matter could be elongated and it could be stretched to an indefinite period of time, but he forgets the shenanigans of the camp office.

Now even the leaders of PPP like Chaudhary Ahmad Mukhtar, Sherry Rehman, Rehman Malik and others are publicly speaking about the stance of Nawaz Sharif and they are denouncing it the way PML-Q used to do not so far back.

The thing is that PPP now want to rule and govern no matter what, and they don’t want to share the piece of cake with their former arch rivals.

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