PCB confused On Players Ban

Few hours after the controversial and shocking decision of life time ban on former Pakistani CaptainsYounus and Yousuf, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ijaz Butt has backtracked saying no such action has been taken. PCB also issued a clarification on the issue saying that the two players can be selected for Pakistan as and when the PCB deems it appropriate.

On the website of PCB the inquiry committee recommends that;

Mohammad Yousuf and Younis Khan keeping in view their infighting which resulted in bringing down the whole team, their attitude has a trickle down effect which is a bad influence for the whole team should not be part of national team in any format.

Further it is written that ‘Recommendations of the Inquiry Committee have been accepted by PCB in totality’. Why a clarification issued than?

Board’s legal adviser Taffazul Rizvi told the Associated Press, “Younis and Yousuf both cannot represent Pakistan in any international games, but they can play in domestic cricket and compete in county cricket.”

PCB official also hints that the players could appeal against the decision. It appears that PCB takes decisions, waits for the media reaction and after that transforms it. Is it a joke to impose and revoke lifetime bans and punishments? Whether harsh or not if a decision is taken PCB should stand by it other wise there is no need to announce it first and then explain its transformation.

President Zardari who has the right to appoint Chairman PCB should look seriously into the matter. Imran Khan could be requested to take charge of the Board as he was famous for discipline maintenance in the team. Prior to T20 world cup in which Pakistan is the defending champion, crisis like these will only bring an end to the sport being loved by millions.

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