Parliament’s Onus

The war on terror with regard of rapidly changing international affairs is getting more complex and more fierce as the days are progressing. It is clearly evident that this fight against militants and insurgents could not be left alone to the military and security agencies and the civilian and elected political leadership of the country would have to take it over and assume its ownership.

The biggest truth and the bitterest one is that we cannot use eye washes any more. Almost two weeks into the in-camera session on the security situation, and especially the tribal areas, many questions regarding its usefulness are being raised. This session has achieved nothing except a committee.

It was a sham limited purpose session in which the Parliament was presented the ground situation by the Director General of Military Operations, and then a useless presentation by the Information Minister Sherry Rehman and then a cold shouldered discussion, in which only blame game was played.

The role of parliament goes way beyond that and once again the money of tax payers was wasted.

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  1. My friend, it is not that they are slow ….. slow is in relation to an effort being made… the point here being that no effort is being made at all … so being slow could only be gauged if they had started doing something……
    The Govt’s policy is very simple …… Nawabshah (Benazir District) … islamabad International (Benazir International) it really hurt me to see the name of Islamabad being changed …. I wonder how long till they name the local PULL (bridge) in my Village as Benazir Pull . Coming back to the point, I still am surprised by the audacity of these people and that B**** of an information minister we have, to come on TV and tell blatant lies .. right to our faces about what the govt is doing …. It seriously is a slap right across faces …. how much more are we going to take ….. they have already made a mess of everything in the last couple of months … i cant help but wonder how things are going to be by the time these Great PPP people are going to be over with us

  2. I am not sure what they are trying to do, I mean there is no policy to counter terrorism, FATA/WANA/SWAT etc problems, water scarcity, no energy and food security they present government has failed to address any issue. We hear that CM Punjab is doing a great job. Well I would blindly go for it since its not the time to feel more pessimistic than one already is inside. What the government is waiting for?? geeze they are so slow? they cant even fleece the people with half baked cookies so that at least the nation would breathe. Th eother day I met someone and was astounded to see him so happy and relaxed. I asked him while we are freaking out of our monetary and real life problems why is it that I dont see you in the same situation. He said I am doing good, buisness is good, you know wht I gotta run …… and fled! (he runs an immigration agency)!!

  3. Parliament’s Onus. Seriously speaking now, For the first time in the history of Pakistan, a parliament has to really face the public via Media, which just does not give up. As i mentioned elsewhere, fir the first time, Mil is playing a positive and pragmatic role. It does not want to take matters in own hands. Although in just a few months of the advent of this govt, many schools of thoughts have started considering Gen Kiyani as the savior. But that is not an option that the present mil leadership want to exercise. They want the elected (arrogant intoxicated by the word Mandate) to decide it on their own. Obviously, a slight nudge was required to even make that happen. If i am not wrong, when the Americans landed their tps on Pakistani soil, the first to issue a statement in resentment was the COAS, not any other govt official. Not that he was too eager to make a statement, he just waited for eons for the govt to respond and finally decided to go ahead with it himself. It was a wake up call for the Govt, who realized that if they don’t act in a mature way, the history will most probably repeat itself. Army will never sit on the sidelines and see the security matters of Pakistan be dealt with immaturely by the present govt. I know the Army, and although there is no doubt that the Mil leadership has damaged Pakistan in many ways, some even irreparable. But a common soldier of this Army acts in a very simple way. “We have to defend Pakistan at all cost, from anything”.
    What this govt is most likely going to do. In-camera session was totally in contrast to what the govt / elected leaders of this country expected. They were expecting a presentation in which some egoistic general would calmly state that the Army has everything under control. And that there was no need to worry. Instead the Mil leadership came out with bitter facts of the the FATA problem. Things that the political leadership could not even digest. The true extent and depth of the problem was put across the table for them to analyze. Truly speaking, result was the partial paralysis from the Govt. Showing their incapacity to digest hard core issues related to Pakistan. With economy plunging down the line, with the Army constantly asking them what to do, where to go and how it should go about the FATA problem, govt’s hands are full. Who ever said it was going to be easy:D i am not amused to see the govt failing in every facet of governance. I am just not surprised. The parliament was suppose to come up with certain policies to deal with the most serious problem being faced by us today, but here too we are witness to the incompetency of the the present setup. Just believing that a press brief by Miss Sherry Rehman will be enough to calm the matter down. That promises of something is being done and a better future will just not do anymore.
    Concrete decisions and their manifestation on ground is required. Trust me the Army is willing to do its part, very honestly and with complete dedication. The ball is in the Parliament’s court. Let us see if the political leadership of the country has the capability and the will to take the bull by the horns. Honestly, I have all my doubts.

  4. hahhahahaa but the way he is starting off … in only a couple of months he has already made two ..i am sure we are in for so many of past Pakistaness Records to be broken by our worthy president

  5. “once again the money of tax payers was wasted.”. So what else is new? Hasn’t that always happened throughout our history? We should be thankful that Zardari has not yet decided to break Musharraf’s record of the biggest number of foreign trips made by a Pakistani leader!


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