Paramedics future uncertain in Pakistan!

One must acknowledge the fact that no health sector is complete without paramedical staff but today in Pakistan, almost 80,000 paramedics are uncertain about their future for the reason that there is no existence of any promotion channel or services structure Within the country. Unfortunately, the paramedical staff especially the radiographer, the dental technicians, laboratory technicians that are one of the most significant feature are considered as third pillar of health sector.

It is demanded by Secretary General of “All Pakistan Paramedical Staff Federation” Shahid Jan Khattak to sympathetically glance at the problems of this sector. Paramedics’ staff conducts their responsibilities and look after their assignments in the condition that have great risks to their lives. The Prime Minister Yosuf Raza Gillani and Health minister Sherry Rehamn have been asked to assist this sector. Number of laboratory technician shave previously suffered from diseases like cancer, hepatitis B and C, tuberculosis but never were granted allowances that is given to doctors and nurses.

The Secretary General of “APPSF” said that most of their staff was working on the same pay scale on which they had been appointed 20- 30 years before since the creation of Pakistan. It was then, when a dispenser, technicians and nurses were appointed in the pay scale of BPS-5 together. Later in 1975 nurses were granted BPS-7, in 1982 they were promoted to BPS-9, in 1983 they were allowed to BPS-14 and now they work on BPS-14 pay scales. Not only this but a proper channel of further promotions has been made for them thus they can be promoted to BPS-20 and they can too have their directorate, nursing board and nursing council.

4 thoughts on “Paramedics future uncertain in Pakistan!”

  1. IM a anesthesia technician my diploma is not accepted for further studies i have no job security and service structure why is government treating us like that?

  2. can u contact me because i want to serve my all life for paramedic,s because i know all problem of paramedical.s please i want a assosication in punjab and help all paramedical please contact me
    javed iqbal niazi O T Tech PAEC Hospital islamabad.

  3. Assalamualaikum sir how r i want mention that i m a medical lab tech in a govt salary package is only 8500 Rs/ service period is 3rd year going.You can imagine it how i can spend my life in this salary.there is no concept of service structure and not other promotion such as other fields.i request to u pl convey and highlight my message to media.i shall be v thankful to u.

  4. I am an elected president of Paramedical Staff Association District Diameer, Northern Areas of Pakistan.

    I want to submit my appreciation for your approach to address importance of paramedical staff.


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