Pale of the Things

Everyone is now silent after the shattered hopes and dreams of 18th February. People have grown tired and oblivious after screaming their soul-wrenching groans and cries of justice. The way Pakistan Peoples’ Party have quashed the lawyers and justice movement has not fallen on the deaf years, and the grudge is running high in the people, who feel cheated and hurt, and they will take revenge once the time comes.

Right now the PPP is running on high horse and they are busy in praising the likes of Sarah Palin, who seems to have lost her November election alongside with her daddy John McCain, so that is also something to be worried about by the PPP, and they should also praise Joe Biden to balance the things. That task could be done by Sherry Rehman.

Nation is asking for their right. Due to the terrorism tide in the country, people are silent over the price hike and justice, but they are there demanding their right. Unless our political gurus come out clearly and unconditionally against the death squads and appointment-seeking friends, the situation on the ground will continue to deteriorate.

The PPP have missed the point.

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