Pakoray and Politcians

Though people are allowed to cook and eat Pakoras other than Ramadan, in Pakistan; but they have become an integral part of Ramadan. Iftari doesn’t get completed without them. If Pakoras are not there, then opening the fast doesn’t seem that enjoyable, and a feeling of incompleteness fills the air and stomach.

Pakoras of Potato, or onion or spinach or many other things are a very special food item for Iftar and enjoyed by everyone. One cannot really miss this special food item, it is our main menu in the Ramadan, however it is rare to eat them on daily basis other than Ramadan. Ramadan is the season of Pakoras.

I have observed some striking similarities between Pakoras and politicians. Infact, they are more similar than disparate. For example:

1- Both are for sale and both have their seasons when their prices become really exorbitant. Such as Pakoras sell at higher rates in Ramadan, and such as right now, the rates of MPAs of NWFP assembly are touching the sky.

2- Pakoras sell more when they are made with smashed and stale vegetables and cooked in oil again and again, so politicians sell more when they have a stale B.A degree and smashed debts.

3- Pakoras of home are preferred over the pakoras of market, and agency-grown politicians are preferred over any open-market, ready-made one.

4- Pakoras, whether eaten in small quantity or in large, give stomach inflammation, and so are the politicians. They will choke your mind, whether you listen to one rhetoric or many.

5- Pakoras, if not present on the dining table give you a dual feeling. You feel morose with their absence, but you feel liberated too with their absence. Don’t you have the same simultaneous feelings with the absence of Politicians?

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