Pakistan’s War on Terror

It’s very lesson-oriented to see that during the Musharraf regime the Pakistan People’s Party was saying (at least on the face regardless of Benazir’s deal with the Musharraf through Americans) that the on going war on the Western border of Pakistan does not belong to Pakistan and its the war of America and we must not fell pray to the American aspiration.

India’s role is also very fishy in this whole episode, and as there is no proof that Pakistan is engaged in the Mumbai attacks and there are clear evidences that India is indulged in the war in Swat and FATA and fanning militancy in the Balochistan region, there is every reason for Pakistan to raise this issue in the United Nations.

The implications of this war are very scary and rather very much frightening and Pakistan needs to be on their top to get it resolved. The things are very murky right now and the Americans are twisting the arms of the Pakistanis without any reason, and their mantra of Do More is eating up Pakistan. The most logical outcome of the expansion of the American war of terror will be a southward expansion and official enlisting of Pakistan.

Merely condemning the NATO and ISAF forces won’t achieve anything. It is not time to keep issuing statements that no one really bother to believe; it is time for action from the Pakistani officials. They need to make it clear to Americans that this war never belonged to us and now it means to end this insanity as soon as possible. Action means clear, thoughtful, objective analysis of the situation presented to the masses in a language they understand.

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