Pakistanis After Emergency

Honestly speaking, emergency wouldn’t have noticed much by the populace of Pakistan, if private channels remained on air. Post-emergency situation has become genuinely grave for the people when they see dark screens or Indian dance channels instead of news channels like AAJ, GEO, or ARY One World.

Nothing serious happened against government during the rallies of Chief Justice, and nothing scared government during the arrival of Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto. Private channels kept on spewing different opinions and nation just enjoyed at home. People have developed quite a taste of enjoying the late night talk and discussion shows on private channels. But now as they are off air, things look quite gloomy for them.

As the channels went off-air, everybody smelled rat in the air. People started calling each other and to the offices of private channels and newspapers. Rumor factories were in full swing and still working actively. Weird and scary SMS were circulating in the air. Only PTV was there. People preferred to stay at home, and traffic was thin. Business also remained sluggish, and markets were quite deserted just after the announcement of imposition of emergency.

Things are still quite uncertain, as most of the opposition leaders are in police custody with lots of lawyers. Aitezaz Ahsan is also under arrest. Lawyers have called for strike on Monday, but the iron-clad solid control of government everywhere is hard to break and things are quite under the control of the military regime.

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  1. Grand Plan of Anti Pakistan Forces
    (RAW, MOSAD and USA)

    Freedom Movement of Pakistan is fighting for the cause of free and fair Pakistan ruled by real people of Pakistan, who live and die for Pakistan and in which they could enjoy justice.

    Freedom Movement of Pakistan is fighting to get rid of people sitting in current or forthcoming ruling regime standing against the Freedom Movement of Pakistan and its causes and people of Pakistan and their best interest.

    It is discovered to us that Anti Pakistan Forces have speedily concluding their grand plan started more then 20 years, which is focused to use Pakistan own Army to achieve the goals of this Grand Plan. Some plan details are given under.

    1. Injecting and protecting agents in PMA Cadets and leading them to Senior Command in Army on regular and continuous basis so that in 10 to 20 years rich supply and resources in Army is available for their use. (started in late 70s)

    2. At right time this Army Command will be utilize to use Pakistan Military/Armed Soldiers to crush Pakistani Razakars, Mujahid, Core Pakistan Defense line (Think tanks, Ulemas Intellectuals etc.) and specially Razakars of Northern Belt of Pakistan (whom Quaid-e-Azam termed as core front line defense of Pakistan)

    3. At some point NATO and India will be heading towards Pakistan and its Strategic Weapons and Army Command (their agents) order the soldiers to down their Weapons or simply being killed at their positions or deployed to some disastrous positions where they could not survived and almost Nil-Resistance will be faced inside Pakistan as planed for IRAQ.

    4. Northern Areas, NWFP, Balochistan will be merged in NATO controlled Afghanistan, Panjab, Kashmir and part of Sindh will be handed over to India, Karachi and Gawadar sea coast will be occupied tertiary of NATO Logistics in accordance of World MAP 2025.

    5. Current Army Command are their injected cadets after successful completion of Step-1 of this Grand Plan.

    6. Execution on step-2 is continued from this injected command and several resistance elements and specially those core personalities who could gather and consolidate resistive forces on their one call are being targeted and killed in this phase. The operation against Pakistan defense line in Northern Areas, Balochistan, Lal Masjid, Swat, Madarssahs, Independent Judiciary is all being under taking in very specialized and camouflaged way.

    7. Independent Judiciary and Media and their resistance power is a surprise element for this grand plan and was not covered in initially. The recent crush of judiciary and Media is on the ordered of their masters. Army Commanders (agents) acted to wipe out independent judiciary and media who can unite and consolidated the people of Pakistan in these final stages of the Grand Plan.

    The plan is perfect. Its execution is according to plan and timelines but one big thing was missing and overlooked in this plan.

    PAKISTAN not got independent by this coward Army

    Ordinary Common People fighted, struggled and killed for this independence

    The sons of those people again ready to kill and being killed for Freedom of Pakistan

    Planted Army Commanders and their Force are coward and could not fight to us. Several of them already started joining us and planning to get rid of these planted commanders

    Their masters should have to come before us to taste the death

    We love the death more then you love your lives

    The movement comprising youngs and olds of Pakistan. We will catch foreign agents soon Anywhere, Anyway, Anytime. Guaranteed. They have time to live until we reach them. Good luck.

    Freedom Movement of Pakistan

    1. Rahul Gandhi Statement: “as in 1971, we will again make Pakistan in more pieces shortly”

    2. US published World Map of 2025 in which Pakistan is nowhere on MAP

    3. Jewish Council of USA wants no government without Pervez (Pervez is the hatred name and never liked in Muslims)

    4. Several Qadiyanis are occupying President House, PM House and GHQ and took part openly in Lal Masjid Crush. Two of their Armed formations in Army Karrar & Zarar Companies involved in killings in Lal Masjid was attacked in the result killing several Qadiyanis at Tarbela Ghazi.

    5. Altaf Hussain has requested to get his and his gang services in the Grand Plan for removing resistive elements in his region. His gang assigned duty for killing of several Ulemas and Intelectuals in Karachi region which he successfully done. He was granted British nationality. On Shetaan Rushdi knight-hood showing loyality to his masters he and his gang avoided condemnation of Shetaan Rushdi. Recently Benazir also assured its services if she be posted in Pakistan in the role of Karzai (Afghanistan) and Malki (IRAQ).


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