Pakistani Manufacturers

Every loyal Pakistani wants to use the products which have the stamp of ‘Made in Pakistan’ present on them, and prove its loyalty to country, but this the ill-quality of products which make the customers shy away from the locally made products.

The substandard and non-durable,useless commodities manufactured by local factories are so bad and clumsy, no body wants to even touch them. People are ready to pay extra money for buying the foreign brands, only due to the better quality and durability.

There are so many examples in our daily lives of this rampant disease. Just take a tiny thing like ball point. Though tiny and cheap it is, it is an integral part of our daily lives and everybody uses it day in and day out. Ball point is especially a must have for students. Ball point plays a pivotal role in a student’s career and also ensure his success in the examinations.

One of my student, who just attempted his exam today, told me that he lost some precious ten minutes, when his ball point just refused to write further, in the midst of when he was attempting his paper and was at a critical juncture, he then tried his second ball point, which also refused to work. In utter embarrassment and shame, he pleaded with examiner to provide him a ballpoint, who after some scornful sentences, furnished him a ball point.

If our manufacturers cant produce a ballpoint, how they could face the globalization and the fierce competition which is closing upon us pretty quickly?

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