Pakistani Fashion Industry Contributed for IDPs

The issue of internally displaced persons of Swat and Malakand division has grabbed global attention and at last Pakistani fashion industry awakes and uses the opportunity for aggregation of funds to help IDPs.

Models displayed the fresh summer collections by top fashion designers in a show organized by ‘Hum Pakistan’, an umbrella organization bringing together several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with the aim to provide relief to the IDPs, to raise funds in Lahore for the internally displaced persons (IDPs) of Swat and Malakand Division according to Daily Times.

The Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PFDC) had collaborated with ‘Hum Pakistan’ in organizing the show. The models and organizers participated voluntarily. 4 million Rupees were collected for the IDPs. The show began with a short documentary on the circumstances of the IDPs and efforts made by ‘Hum Pakistan’ to help them. Those present were told that the organization had so far donated 2 million rupees for the IDPs. A special prayer for the IDPs and for the country was also offered.

Almost every top label of industry participated in the event to get its name published in the papers next day. The effort was good but I feel that it is more of a publicity event than a charity function as every news channel give the event proper coverage.

The issue of Swat and IDPs has congregate attention of elite class and they are using it for their promotion as well as charity. As they say charity begins at home, so not bad to showcase your talent and give its benefit to ones who are in need. It would also be nice if fashion industry contributed on their own and empty their pockets to help the IDPs rather than using the issue for publicity.

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