Pakistani Craze

Going Abroad is the first and foremost priority of most of the young and old Pakistanis. They are crazy, insance, madly foolish, obsessed with this mania.

The hot places to go are England and America, then Canada and then Austrailia. European countries like Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Scandanivia come next. After that comes the number of Hong Kong or Korea or Malaysia or Japan. Option of Gulf or Saudia is always there in the last.

Going abroad is considered the gateway to prosperity and ultimate success. Wealth and shine of west lure the hearts of millions here. Some places are in Pakistan are just famous or infamous for that matter in regard that almost 98% of its male population is in foreign countries. For example, Ghor Ghushti is a small village in the hinterland of Pakistan, and its called as ‘Mini England’, because almost all of its male population is in England. There are so many places like that here.

You can see people flocking to the embassies of developed countries. You can see myriad number of institutues and outfits promising guaranteed journey to abroad in exhange of an exuberant sum. English language institutes are jam-packed with people.

People are ready to go abroad, no matter how insulting work they are required to do there. In developed countries, most of the Pakistani poeple endup in the jobs, they will not even think about doing at home.

My country is not rich, its not developed, its not that literate but its not that aggressive, its not that materialistic either. Its not bad to go abroad for a bright future, but the price should not be dignity and self-respect.

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