Pakistani Bosses

If you are working in Pakistan and your boss is a jerk, then this post is not for you, as you would only loathe me after reading this piece. I have found from own experience, and from many others that bosses in Pakistan, in general, are gentlemen. Though the universal opinion about bosses isn’t that pleasant, but bosses in Pakistan are generally polite, mellow, welfare-oriented and take care of human aspects of the job.

As a native Pakistani who has lived and worked in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and Peshawar, I can attest that Pakistani bosses are indeed very polite. They are typically friendlier and quicker to say hello and thank you.

Hey Pakistani bosses, especially the young ones, who run dynamic businesses like call centers and software houses are more polite, open doors, say please and thank you a little more often, and display their general “good nice guy” demeanor for all to see. What’s often hidden, however, is the way that these same “good nice guys” take care of each other in business and politics, and that cant be said unfair or dishonest. Both personally and professionally, I have witnessed young Pakistani in charges who are threatened and/or put off by strong, assertive old birds.

Ok lets also talk about a huge exception; The bosses in the public sector organizations. These are of the kind which is very disgusting. Most of them are incompetent, smug, blind, corrupt and overfed. They are the people, who extract an exquisite pleasure by insulting and degrading their subordinates. They are the people, who are the real reason behind the still “developing” status of Pakistan.

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