The place where I inhaled my first breath,
Fragrance of the air, I felt since birth,
Where I learnt to take my first step,
My feet touched the soil crop up.

Here I learned to love, and felt loved,
I noticed people, same as me all around,
Uttering my first words, learnt how to smile,
Other shared the same language as mine.

Tasted freedom, dignity and honour,
Got my identity, national pride and fervour,
Felt the emotion of patriotism,
Perceived colours through this prism.

Its beauty eluded my subconscious,
Mighty peaks took hold of my conscience,
Lovely deserts sparkled this sight,
Rivers flow in four seasons with might.

Piece of cloth that turned into a flag,
Boundary that turned into a border peg,
Anthem I learnt by heart, and held on,
Yeah, that’s my country PAKISTAN.

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