Pakistan Won Twenty20 Cricket World Cup: A Reason To Celebrate

Pakistan Celebrates twenty20 world cup win

People were thwarted and gloomy. They had nothing to look forward to. All the threats from Taliban, daily bombings and suicide attacks had stolen all the laughter and smiles from the faces of Pakistanis. In this crucial time, Pakistani Cricket team has made a remarkable effort to bring back those smiles even if that is just for a single day or two. Pakistani people have smiled for real after quite a long time.

The victory of Pakistani Cricket Team in the twenty-20 world cup has made Pakistanis very proud. Such victories are important for a country because they make your identity all over the world. Now the people across the world know that this green and white flag belongs to a country and that country is Pakistan.

It is an incredible feeling to see people on roads dancing and enjoying themselves on the triumph of their cricket team. People were seen distributing sweets, dancing on the beats of dhol. Pakistan has won the world cup after a very long time. The last cup we got was in 1992 and now we have won the cup back after 17 years. This victory has cheered all the Pakistanis and today all the Pakistanis are very proud of their country and their cricket team.

It was really pleasing to see some good news on television otherwise it had always been disgusting politics or the brutal killings of the innocent. The people of Pakistan were desperate to celebrate some occasion and thank God, Allah bestowed them with a reason to celebrate.

All we need now is to pray that Allah bring our country out of crisis, free our land from Taliban, improve the economy of our country and grant us with some true leaders, Ameen

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5 thoughts on “Pakistan Won Twenty20 Cricket World Cup: A Reason To Celebrate”

  1. @saher
    undoubtedly this means alot, and this important milestone has ended a spell of misfortunes faced by both Pakistan cricket and its fan alike,,,,,,,
    but above all this will be the first step in bringing this game and other mega events back to Pakistan. After the Sri Lankan attack and the cancellation of Pakistan hosting of 2011 world cup, this is the right step in the right direction,,


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