Pakistan, Tolerance in our Society

Pakistani society, like all other societies, is made up of diverse people and groups. For example, on the basis of religion or faith, Pakistani society is composed of the following groups:

1. Very religious people
2. Religious but flexible in their thinking and behaviour
3. Religious but just pay lip service to religion
4. Very religious in the hearts (strong faith) but do not pray regularly or practice Islam, however defend Islam on all forums
5. Religious but follow westernized ways of living, for example they dance in social gatherings, drink alcohol, and attend ladies and gents mixed parties etc.
6. Anti-religion but do not talk against religion in public or in the open
7. Very anti-religion and openly criticize religion in public and in private
8. People of other religions and faiths
9. Atheists, non-believers etc.

Pakistan, Tolerance in our SocietyTo be a responsible citizen of Pakistan, we must acknowledge diversity in our nation. We should learn to live side by side with our other fellow Pakistanis who have a different ideology or faith or a different ethnic background with respect to their religious beliefs, local languages or dialects, political beliefs, sects, or ways of living. We must display great tolerance and flexibility towards each other.

We must not criticize or make fun of any of our fellow Pakistani with a different ethnic background or religious beliefs, and must respect each other’s local languages and accents of other languages, their cultures, their foods, and their good and bad habits and behaviours.

We should remember that we are all Pakistanis, and it’s now the 21st century. Only illiterate or brainless people fight with each other on the basis of their local language, their affiliation to a certain city or province or sect or religion or a political party etc.

Pakistan is going through the worst time in its history, and our people are under extreme stress, due to reasons like:

– Our un-wanted involvement in America’s so called ‘war on terror’
– Power/energy crisis due to very bad energy planning by the current as well as previous governments
– Poverty, hyper-inflation and low literacy rate
– Poor economic progress due to our involvement in the war and some other external factors
– After-effects of 1985 earth quake and floods
– Very bad governance by our governments and poor law and order situation in the country
– Insensitivity of our governments toward people’s problems
– Bad traffic management in cities and pollution issues
– Weaker healthcare system for poor people and non-availability of clean drinking water
– Stress due to the presence of two million troops of our enemy at our borders, and her involvement in our internal issues like supporting the separatists in Baluchistan
– Activities of West, super power and other anti-Pakistan elements to disintegrate Pakistan and their involvements in bomb blasts and other terrorist activities

We as individuals can’t solve most of these problems; however, we can spread the good words around and can request our fellow Pakistanis to show tolerance towards each other, and can ask them to beware of our enemies who are trying to divide us.

At the end, if we want to solve our problems, we must choose our leaders based upon their abilities to solve the problems our nation is facing rather than on their ethnic backgrounds.

God may bless all Pakistanis, I love you all, Pakistan Zindabad.

Pakistanis – Please show tolerance and flexibility

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