Pakistan Remains in Top 10 Failed States; A list by Foreign Policy Journal

The Failed States 2009 Index by FP

An index prepared by the renowned Foreign Policy journal reveals that Pakistan remains among the top 10 failed states like last years ratings. in terms of its overall achievement, Pakistan has improved its position only by a notch , it is placed 10th in the index for 2009 published in the July-August issue of the journal while it was at number 9 last year.

The ranking is done on the basis of the following factors:

• Demographic pressure,

• Refugees/internally displaced persons (IDPs),

• Group grievance, uneven development,

• Economic decline,

• Delegitimisation of the state,

• Public service,

• Human rights,

• Factionalized elites and

• External intervention

The top 10 failed states in the latest list are:

1. Somalia,
2. Zimbabwe,
3. Sudan,
4. Chad,
5. Democratic Republic of Congo,
6. Iraq,
7. Afghanistan,
8. Central African Republic,
9. Guinea and
10. Pakistan.

India is placed 87th among the 177 countries under study, with its score showing an improvement over the previous year, Sri Lanka placed 12th, Bangladesh 19th and Nepal 25th. Foreign Policy noted that it is “a sobering time” for the world’s most fragile countries, what with the global financial meltdown, natural disasters, and government collapse.

This indicates that whether it is democratically elected Government or Military rule both are at risk for Pakistan. Are we heading towards a new kingdom of Pakistan or Zardaristan?

6 thoughts on “Pakistan Remains in Top 10 Failed States; A list by Foreign Policy Journal”

  1. @Hina
    Well Hina, its an effort for the betterment on our behalf, you, me and whole blogging community,, and those who write else where,, the power of communication never goes wasted,, its just that it takes time for others to realize,,
    In past,, Aristotle gave all his life trying to tame Macedonia and Greek city states,, but his words came to life centuries later,, nor I am aristotle nor you are rosseau,, bt simply we love this land,, and thats why like our selves we want each and every individual to be accountable, for what they say or do,,
    INSHALLAH a new ray will arrive,, you are doing a tremendous job I must say,,
    Keep it up

  2. I think all will come to pass. Pakistan has survived worse and more abuse than present state of affairs. Those who become guardian and think this country will fade aay with their wane in power are just stupid dellusionals.

  3. @Hamid Sir
    I agree Sir. I was optimistic, I am optimistic but I cant say that I will be the same. We are fighting our way through but I am not having answers to the questions we raise by donating our precious time and dedication towards betterment.
    There is no explanation given for ministers party in USA and Removal of Quaid-e-Azam’s pictures from Presidency. What should we be expecting?

  4. @hina
    i am sure in the past we have also seen statistics like this, in terms of propoganda claims,, but this time around it carries more reality,,and 1 thing is for sure,, that the biggest demage that has been done is simply by bad governance,, for me the definition of a fail state is close to the fact that the government in that country looses grip or vision,, nd unfortunately these 2 attributes are present currently,,
    nyway lets fight our way through


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